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I am not an ardent fun of soccer. I neither have a great knowledge of big teams in major soccer leagues nor profiles of top flying players. In any case, I was more into rugby during my high school years. Nonetheless, I like to see how moves are made, how chances are created and how goals are scored in soccer. I like to see small teams hammering bigger teams (maybe I am intrigued by the ‘overcoming your giants’ sermons). Well, with the world cup around the corner, I guess I may find myself getting engrossed in discussions about who may or may not win.

Soccer, like any other sport is quite an entertaining sport. Skillful application of wit decries common knowledge, as some of us may consider it to be common. In fact, until you find yourself in the soccer pitch with a wide goal post ahead of you, and…

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No Water In Nairobi, Ndakaini Is Empty!!

With all these rains and Floods?!!

Nothing is impossible with cartels in Kenya. Yaani they can even grab blessings destined for Kenyans. With all these floods that we’ve experienced in recent days all over the country, rain waters that have eroded hills away, throne off lories and uprooted houses and trees hamna aibu kutuambia hakuna maji yamefika Ndakaini? Huh and the way rivers have been full to the extent that even some roads were converted into rivers and some plots into lakes and oceans taaawe mwana stop fooling us. Hii maji kuna mahali imekuwa directed ndio tuuziwe maji na mtu flani.
I remember giving some suggestions some time back on how we can prepare to harvest rain water to avoid any further water shortage. No one listens to people without big names anymore. How many water catchments were constructed yet we knew heavy long rains were coming. Didn’t we experience flooding just a month ago? I personally believe we fail because we appoint and elect people basing on tribe, education, friendship, how we adore/know them and not leadership qualities such as idea generative.
We need explanation why we have no water by the ministry of water, agriculture and devolution.

These were just my thoughts before I logged on twitter and came across the answers.

It is shocking that Satellites images were showing two privately owned dams upstream on the river that’s supposed to fill Ndakaini Dam.

The Question is; Who owns these dams? Isn’t the government concerned about this? I thought Ndakaini is managed by Nairobi governance aren’t they following up on this and why?

Now I approve my sentiments above. Why are some people so selfish?

https://t.co/6a5YtVvA2b via @Asmali77


Pouring Not Just Raining

Most of the times we have had weather forecasts who interpret the signs and possibilities of heavy rains. How serious have we as a country including both citizens and the government taken these warnings? Those wananchi living in flat areas and along riverbanks never think of shifting to better places. Yet they have in previous days witnessed these areas being affected. They wait until it is too late so that they end up imposing blames to the government famously “serikali”

On the other hand the government takes no action to ensure good drainage. They relax and ignore waiting till it’s late for them to raise excuses and irrelevant apologies.

In most cases we complain about water shortage yet we don’t even construct water catchments to make use of the heavy rains.

What happened in the country on Thursday, 15th of March 2018 is just a copy of what occurred in 2015. I believe if we we were focused, three years were enough to avoid a repeat of this. Ref ⬇


Empty promises by politicians followed apologies will not cure anything. It’s one thing to say and another one doing, it’s one thing to promise and another one fulfilling ;it’s also one thing to plan and another one implementing.

The rains have no harm. It’s only our carelessness, Laziness and ignorance that make it sound bad when rains arrive.

The photos below show how the situation was on 15/03/2018.

Uhuru Highway extending to Central Park and Waiyaki way in Nairobi.

Ongata Rongai in Kajiado County.

Nairobi CBD near the Hilton Hotel.

Kenyatta Avenue near Kimathi House.

Parklands extending to Westlands and Kileleshwa areas.

These are just but a sample of what occurred. Other places that were worse included Namanga Road(Isinya-Kitengela), industrial areas, etc.

This should be a wake-up call to both the government of Kenya and the citizens. In some areas Eastleigh and slums such as Kibra being the main victims, we have seen Kenyans especially business people converting drainage systems into dumping sites. This also contributes to water-way blockages hence flooding.

It’s reported that from this week’s downpour at least 35 people have lost their lives, 5 have been left injured and many rendered homeless or displaced. Over 300 livestock have been confirmed dead while a bigger number of property has been lost.





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TIK-This Is Kenya

Jubilee from her granny NARC pocketed IEBC(ECK) ,the impact has been unbearable. Now it’s working on pocketing the Judiciary. Trouble doubled. It’s primitive to threaten the CJ. Remember it’s already overtaken the Parliament and the Senate since Nasa has shied off in the name of boycotting. Don’t forget the police and the entire interior is in their armpits.

Those whose community is ruling will celebrate, yes, if everyone in the nation is comfortable that’s ok but if at all some people are weeping then your celebration isn’t justified if at all the spilled tears are honest. That means no unity.

A kingdom that stands against itself or divided cannot prosper. It is biblical, I didn’t say this, it’s from God’s word. Find it in Mark 3:24-26.

You won’t realise the impending crisis. I’m wondering if it’s already a punishment that we’ve all resources in Kenya but life is so expensive. We’ve oil but fuel is a problem here…..etc. Even the rains have disappeared. The last time i saw real rains in Kenya was between May 2013-2014(if u go records or if u lived in Nairobi like me u will probably approve this) I recall travelling from Nairobi to Kakamega while raining throughout the single night. If we did nothing like deforestation then I consider it a punishment by God. Someone is wondering what rain/droughts have to do with poor leadership of the nation, go recheck your Bible and ask yourself the same question what did the waters, frogs have to do with the suffering of the Israelites during the Pharaoh’s defiance then connect. I mean the country has had several plagues under this regime.

Just 🌍Mr.V ‘s thought. What’s your view??

Kenya & Politics

I have engaged like 50 Kenyans that support Uhuru and found that they have no tangible reason to why they attribute him support. It’s simply because he’s a Gikuyu. They’re also sacrificing to be Kenya and when trouble is laid to the nasa supporters by Jubilee they also suffer along. They haven’t seen any fruits from the government. They only support blindly like Kenyan who support EPL.
Nasa’s swearing has no impact. It was total madness and childish. In some statements they disregard Jubilee as the government while in others you hear them say, “why is the government mistreating us? The gvnt has revoked our security, passports, etc”
On other side you realise the most angry people are just Luos because they want Raila(Luo) to be the president.
When they demonstrate they don’t display their solidarity but end up causing harm to property, they act in way that looks more like a lust of power other than the need for good governance.
For instance yesterday, from the demos I saw a man throwing a stone to a truck with UNITED label. I wonder how arrogance can can change a nation.
On the other side non of and in the two parties seems to operate under the law and the constitution of Kenya. It’s more like each person wants to prove how strong they’re. That’s why we have people who misbehave in both sides like Kuria and Babu Owino but they’re are justified by their own principals. It’s like a battle between two rivals…
There are two directions for Kenya in the Coming years

  • Dictatorship


  • Democracy

We should engage brains to end with what we want.

My Thought

God gave us different parts of knowledge and skills. Let’s stop pretending to be saints,too holy or perfect that we ignore technology. When these scientists foretold about drought we ignored and claimed “wanajifanya kuwa Mungu.” Now it came true. People have perished from our ignorance. It’s God who gave them the ability. If we had grabbed this report and utilise it by inputting possible measures such as protecting & constructing water catchments, buying/selling at least half of those livestock and saving the cash as we wait for the rains instead of losing them in the desert,etc.This would have helped minimise loss. It’s the same thing that happens in places such as Pakistan and others. Besides corruption; Ignorance,pride and over “confidence” are what kills most of present humans. Let’s start respecting and acting our different callings.
*Do ur part as a doctor let’s respect your truth
*Do ur part as a climatic forecaster let’s respect your true results.
*Do ur part as a loyal teacher let’s respond to ur loyalty positively.
*As a preacher preach the true gospel…let’s respond to u positively. No church business no doubts.
*As a leader lead well,be just,honest,wise n humble. Let’s submit and respect u.
……and we shall all rejoice






The Kenyan county/city council officers famously known as “kanjo” by many citizens esp. in Nairobi  have of recent days hit news headlines on how they have been mistreating and mishandling Kenyans especially the self-employed traders “hockers.”  Having received most of this reports in our news room, one of spotlight writers decided to pin courage by following up on the behind the scenes of everything and write what’s true to our readers.


Author Vickie

I was walking to my place of work when i came across them harassing some two young ladies who sell boiled eggs and smokies along Ronald Ngala street. I didn’t like the thing and decided to move closer. Realizing that they had not been moved by presence i decided to be taking them some photos and videos. Wow!! I tell you i had just reached my target. I just head, “kuja hapa,mbona…

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