Why You Weren’t Promoted

Many people may work at their jobs, day in and day out, and wonder why they have not been promoted. I know the answer.
In my experience, an individual needs to possess three key traits in order to be successful and move ahead.
1.Mindset. This may be defined as ambition or drive. It is the internal source of your motivation. To be promoted, you must possess mindset to be successful at the next level of your career. In fact, having the right mindset will help you succeed at life.
2.Skills. These are the things you can do. They may be communication skills, administrative skills, math skills. Even the ability to self-manage may be considered a skill. To be promoted, you must demonstrate the necessary skills to be successful at the next level. Always find time to further develop skills for your career and for your life.
3.Knowledge. This is different from skills – it’s not what you can do, but what you know. How well do you understand the company? The business? The global marketplace? What knowledge do you possess that makes you great at your job? This is a critical element managers consider when they examine a candidate for promotion – does the individual possess the knowledge necessary to function the higher level? Always study, read and learn. This will help you grow as an individual and as an employee.

Some gifted individuals come into the workplace with all three of these traits. But often, even a top employee may have one or two and need to acquire the third.
If you are not getting promoted think to yourself: which one of these three traits am I missing? Do I need to ramp up my motivation and focus? Am I missing important skills? Do I need more formal education to be considered for promotion?

Look at this list and determine your trait gap. That’s the answer to your question about promotion – and your roadmap forward to improvement.
And if that doesn’t work, follow my lead and start a global Internet company.
Stand by your convictions and don’t compromise your integrity. If you have the skills, knowledge and mindset – you will be noticed and your work will be recognized. If it’s not, then it’s time to move on.
Don’t forget office politics…I hate to say it. Most bosses tend to promote people they like, regardless of talent level.
As in most cases, there aacknowledge that he is deficient in some ways, and there is always room for improvement. There is no doubt that this can be a good foundation and starting point for a process of self-betterment and professional development.   However, the darker side of reality and the corporate world should also be recognised as well. In many cases, the predicament transcends individual capability and control, but into the structural conditions and culture of the environment. For instance, gender and race are still very used as a tool of categorisation and benchmarking, and unless there is a paradigm shift freom society or the company in question, then it will be difficult to break through imposed ceilings. Secondly, there might be a personal agenda against you. More often than not, higher management is threatened by vocal and opinionated subordinates, and rather than taking a step back to assess them objectively and promoting them based on their contributions (rather than their personality), what follows is stigmatization and sidelining. This can also be said for people with high qualifications and impressive resumes who enter companies. Fueled by insecurity and perhaps envy, the management fears being overshadowed and therefore tries to manage or eliminate his opposition. Thirdly, there is also the phenomenon of corporate cronyism. This is when bosses reward and promote subordinates based on the cliques they have formed, or the bonds of friendship they enjoy.
This system of patronage will be damaging to any newcomer or someone outside the circle of trust.

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