Blocked After Airing The Truth


Kill my son:wether you give the body to me or burry him for me it makes no difference…he remains dead and a big loss to me.
It’s really sad when leaders like President,Deputy President ,Governors,Senators and M.Ps like Hon Kidero,Agoi of sabatia and others cant protect our lives ,instead they wait until we are dead for them to make big promises such us purchase of coffins,transportation of bodies,mortuary bills,etc. Not bad that’s good support, but post them on social media for praises and construction of their political foundations forgetting it’s the same kenyans who pay tax…why use ‘ I promised to……?’
We all need to live long….protect our lives. Kenya at her current position,needs more investment on security than anything else. It pained me when i came across this post on Facebook….

Ladies and Gentlemen,
As we still mourn the many Kenyans who perished in the recent Garissa attack, I had promised to take care of transport and coffin expenses for the already identified body of my constituent, brother Newton Chagwi Karani of Wodanga ward.

Today, I met the late Karani’s family and my staff and set things rolling in preparation for traveling on Thursday.
We have made payments for the hearse and coffin awaiting to complete the errands morning as we fix the trip Thursday and burial on Saturday at their home in Wodanga of Sabatia.
Once more, condolences to the family….” (Plus Photos by Hon Agoi)

Then i commented and i was blocked from accessing the wall. …..,


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