Showers of Death & Destruction

By Victor Winjila

Rains have always been known as blessings.  Well, what we have experienced in Kenya in the recent number of days is a different story. If you asked drivers what it was like ,I bet “Ocean” will be their likelihood response. Motorists who were trapped in the flooded areas must have thought of turning vehicles into motorboats over Indian Ocean.


This is how things have been going on in Kenya since the arrival of rains in late April and early May of 2015. Floods have attacked several counties and towns causing deaths,damage,property loss and unplanned vacations.


The floods that attacked Narok town on 22/05/2015 left atleast 11 dead and property worths millions unsalvaged.
The Makueni floods left a 70 years old ex-chief and a 9-year old girl boy dead.


The floods also rendered many families homeless after destroying over 40 houses.
The Nairobi floods left atleast 15 dead after collapsing walls and buildings. Property worth millions was swept away by waters.The waters flooded most areas especially in the southern parts of Nairobi causing difficulties in transportation since most roads were being over flown by water.


Other reported floods were experienced in Isinya,Kajiado county where atleast 10 died.
On 13/12/2014 , two people died in Ngobit,Laikipia county. A girl aged 5 was into a dam by floods and a man aged 40s was driven downstream.
Other areas include Kisumu,Taita Taveta and Mombasa.
Kenyans are urged to be careful while choosing residences. Avoid plateaus pooly or rarely drained.



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