Why I Write Life Stories

Living in the modern world you notice that the circle is complete. No new things occur. Everything that happens has already happened and is also happening somewhere else. Life covers much and so it is like an encyclopedia of occurrences.
As i live now i have read and heard stories of great people who inspired and still inspires the world today even though they are long time living dead. This is because someone wrote about them thus their stories are living.
It is the same spirit that pushed me towards writing about my stories of life because i don’t want someone to write them for me. I believe there is someone out there who goes through a similar challenge(s) and thinks of giving up. Once he/she comes across such a story they notice they aren’t alone and gets encouraged and moves on. Life story cover challenges, solutions and successes.
The world is digitalised today and so such e-articles reach many readers thus i believe it touches many souls.
Sharing a life story doesn’t equate to search of favours as people may take: don’t misquote writers.
My targets are always to inspire, educate,motivate,warn,advice, rebuke and instill courage into those soul almost giving up.
I have always worked heard trying to make my life what i want it to be. It’s well said be the change you want to see ;that’s the greatest idea behind my reasons.
I don’t seek favours but chances to express my deepest feelings and showcase my abilities and strength towards my future and success.
I always have time to think on what to write and so putting them down on a scroll isn’t a big deal.
Undergoing hardship is the best way to define a future because you get recharged and strengthened to work and walk towards SUCCEESS.
Live your life and don’t be selfish share it and let others know what you have done to be where you are.
Someone somewhere may mention you as his/her greatest mentor or one who inspires him/her at large.


Victor Winjila.

Posted Victor Winjila


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