The Kenyan county/city council officers famously known as “kanjo” by many citizens esp. in Nairobi  have of recent days hit news headlines on how they have been mistreating and mishandling Kenyans especially the self-employed traders “hockers.”  Having received most of this reports in our news room, one of spotlight writers decided to pin courage by following up on the behind the scenes of everything and write what’s true to our readers.


Author Vickie

I was walking to my place of work when i came across them harassing some two young ladies who sell boiled eggs and smokies along Ronald Ngala street. I didn’t like the thing and decided to move closer. Realizing that they had not been moved by presence i decided to be taking them some photos and videos. Wow!! I tell you i had just reached my target. I just head, “kuja hapa,mbona unatupiga picha?” Within a minute i was in the hands of four guys; three men and a lady. “Leta hiyo simu hapa, silly.” I surrendered my phone to them and asked to let me enter their pick-up in the name of “van” in peace and by myself. Suddenly an idea came to my mind. That’s when I changed my minds and refused to seat at the back but with the guy (mkubwa-as they called him) who had my phone and seated next to the driver.  I stood by my opinion till they decided to have me at the center of the guy and the driver. I knew my phone had no any photo/video of the scene and sitting far from it would give them a chance to use it in taking some photos once they notice my innocence and use them as an exhibit to trap me.

Sitting next to him I asked him why they had arrested me. He said it was because I had been taking them some photos as if I was a photographer for a Kenyan television. I liked the answer, laughed and mocked him thoroughly as I asked him to open my gallery and browse the photos. He found none. I further asked him to refresh the files he was ashamed and disapproved. He got upset and asked the driver to stop the vehicle and called on the colleagues to lock me alongside the other “criminals” behind the van. I didn’t hesitate to remind him that they were not criminals until proven guilty. He looked at me in anger. I then told them that i would only accept to be locked in there on one condition which was being hand-cuffed with one of them with my phone. That was a tough request to them. They realized am a person who doesn’t compromise with my rights. They gave up on me and asked me to go with Christ. I ended up mentioning to them all the evils they have done to Kenyans. Though I left them furious the message had been delivered. Had I not proved my courage they would have handled me me in a quite terrifying manner.

The government should stop harassing innocent hockers and instead provide alternative solutions to their needs by providing job opportunities. Job opportunities are available in plenty but been captured into slavery by Corruption {tribalism and bribery } where even the most fit for the job never win the chances.



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