The Kenyan county/city council officers famously known as “kanjo” by many citizens esp. in Nairobi  have of recent days hit news headlines on how they have been mistreating and mishandling Kenyans especially the self-employed traders “hockers.”  Having received most of this reports in our news room, one of spotlight writers decided to pin courage by following up on the behind the scenes of everything and write what’s true to our readers.


Author Vickie

I was walking to my place of work when i came across them harassing some two young ladies who sell boiled eggs and smokies along Ronald Ngala street. I didn’t like the thing and decided to move closer. Realizing that they had not been moved by presence i decided to be taking them some photos and videos. Wow!! I tell you i had just reached my target. I just head, “kuja hapa,mbona…

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TRUE MEN by Karen Harrington — Nerdy Book Club

I was on a panel recently with author P. J. Hoover and she said something about the writing process that made me want to shout, oh, yes, me, too! She said that when a writer is in the midst of drafting a new story, everything that happens in their life in those writing months is […]

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