My Thought

God gave us different parts of knowledge and skills. Let’s stop pretending to be saints,too holy or perfect that we ignore technology. When these scientists foretold about drought we ignored and claimed “wanajifanya kuwa Mungu.” Now it came true. People have perished from our ignorance. It’s God who gave them the ability. If we had grabbed this report and utilise it by inputting possible measures such as protecting & constructing water catchments, buying/selling at least half of those livestock and saving the cash as we wait for the rains instead of losing them in the desert,etc.This would have helped minimise loss. It’s the same thing that happens in places such as Pakistan and others. Besides corruption; Ignorance,pride and over “confidence” are what kills most of present humans. Let’s start respecting and acting our different callings.
*Do ur part as a doctor let’s respect your truth
*Do ur part as a climatic forecaster let’s respect your true results.
*Do ur part as a loyal teacher let’s respond to ur loyalty positively.
*As a preacher preach the true gospel…let’s respond to u positively. No church business no doubts.
*As a leader lead well,be just,honest,wise n humble. Let’s submit and respect u.
……and we shall all rejoice



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